Lawn sign

Support Colin. Reserve your lawn sign.

All of Colin's signs are put up by our volunteers, some of whom may be your neighbours.

After the initial week of the campaign, when the initial flood of requests eases, we usually deliver your sign within 24hrs of receiving your request here or by telephone/e-mail.

If your sign is damaged, stolen or requires a repair, please contact our campaign hot-line at 905.721.9022. You may also drop by and see us in person at 375 King St W (at Westmount St) or send a note to Colin at

Colin and our team are so grateful for your support!

Please get out to vote early at Elections Canada's Oshawa Returning Office located in the Midtown Mall, 200 John St W.

You may vote by Special Ballot at the Returning Office in September or October (until October 15 at 6pm) Mon-Fri from 9am-9pm; Sat from 9am-6pm; and Sun from 12Noon-4pm. You do not require a voter identification card to cast an early ballot.

It's quick and easy, especially if you're planning to be out of town during Advance or Election Day voting. Be sure to bring along your ID or other relevant documentation (tax, utility bill, etc.) which, taken together, will confirm your identity and residence in the Oshawa Electoral District.