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Welcome to the web site for the Oshawa Conservative Electoral District Association. Ridings, or Electoral District Associations (EDAs), as they are now known, are as old as Parliamentary democracy and form an integral part of our electoral system. They are the backbone of any political party and are responsible for nominating the party’s candidate prior to an election and working to get the candidate elected. In addition, the EDA fosters the growth of the party, participates in the formation of national policies and supports the local candidate and the party through fundraising and other events.

In the Conservative Party of Canada, specialized committees reporting to a Board of Directors direct the business of the EDA. The members of the EDA elect the board at an Annual General Meeting and the board elects the officers of the EDA. The President is the chief spokes person for the board, chairs the meetings of the board and executive committee and is responsible for the day-to-day business of the EDA. Committees are composed of members of the board as well as interested members of the EDA at large.

Every member of the EDA is welcome to attend board meetings and we encourage them to do so. We are extremely proud of the work we have done over the past decade. Our Member of Parliament, Colin Carrie Our EDA continues to assume a leadership role among the Greater Toronto Area's (GTA) Conservative Associations and we encourage your active involvement in every aspect of our Association's efforts, particularly through committee work.