Pledge to Vote for Colin

Help Colin and His Team Keep Oshawa Blue

Colin is our community’s experienced and dependable choice to secure new investment and jobs, improve health care, fight human trafficking, restore tax fairness for our seniors, and stand up for victims’ rights

As your MP, I’ve served as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministers of Health, Industry and Environment, in minority and majority governments, during good times and in some of our city’s toughest days.

Working across party lines, my first priority is to ensure that the federal tax dollars you send to Ottawa are re-invested here at home.

Over the past several years, I’ve helped to bring millions in historic federal investment into our city for infrastructure, learning, advanced R&D, skills training, student jobs, recreation, seniors, transit, social housing, the arts, manufacturing, and our harbour cleanup – far more than ever came to Oshawa during 40 years of combined NDP and Liberal representation in Parliament.

May I count on your continued trust, support – and your vote – as we work together to keep #OshawaStrong after Election Day?

There are 3 steps you can take to help Colin before Election Day...

Request your lawn sign.

Make a donation in support of Colin's campaign.

Volunteer your time and talent to help Keep Oshawa Blue.


Can Colin and his team count on your support this year?