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Events for Spring 2014Join the EDA and MP Colin Carrie for this complimentary event

Coffee Club Meet and Greet


April 16, 2014



Johnny's Original Eatery

850 King St W  Oshawa, ON


This is a free event open to all current or prospective members of the EDA and their guests.


RSVP: By Friday, 11 April 2014



Events for Spring 2014Join Durham Improv Comedy's Stephanie Herrera and Colin for

An Evening of Laughter and Conversation

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43

471 Simcoe St S  Oshawa, ON


Tickets: $65.00 per person (a tax receipt will be issued for the eligible amount)


Ticket purchase options:

  1. Purchase your tickets online today using a credit card.

  2. Send us a note at info@oshawaconservative.ca or leave a message on the hotline at 905.721.9022.


RSVP: No later than Sunday, 20 April 2014


Changes to Oshawa's federal electoral boundary

Redistribution Order, 2013

At the Association's 9 January 2014 Annual General Meeting, the Membership of the Oshawa Conservative EDA was reorganized consistent with the boundary for the redistributed Oshawa Electoral District (35074).

These new boundaries, which are now observed by the EDA, officially come into force at the first federal general election held after May 1, 2014.


A new President, Board and Executive were elected and are now charged with ramping up preparations for the nomination of Oshawa's Conservative candidate returning a Conservative member of Parliament to Ottawa in 2015.


Download a map of the new Oshawa ED or learn more about the new boundaries here.



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2013 Oshawa Conservative EDA.    


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